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LOVE: Breast Implants

Latinas LOVE breast implants. I think we're a bit NOT so ahead of the game with this one. I remember when breast implants were cool in those Pamela Anderson red bathing suit "Baywatch" days where white women went on a silicone frenzy. I guess Latinas figured that if we have the nice curvy derrière why not have the nice breasts to go along with it a la Vida Guerra style. And whad'ya know, now we caught on after over a decade.

I see so many Latinas with fake breasts it started to give my small mountains a bit of boob envy. But I insist on staying true to my pechuguitas. Latinas love breast implants a lot, something we wouldn't have thought about doing years ago, and I guess now it's like, "Sure, why not? Guys dig them, que se joda!" Last time I went to Miami most of the Latinas didn't need to know how to swim, they were all floating on the water. We're not incriminating them for this, they looked hot! And if you can enhance your looks with a little help from a plastic surgeon, then why not?

You only live one life, so might as well live it looking good chica!

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