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LOVE: Angel Luis Garcia El Profesor Que Canta (Musica Jibara)

Angel Luis García "El Profesor Que Canta" was a Puerto Rican singer and composer. Born in Rio Piedras, PR on December 16, 1931. Garcia initiated his career in UPR, Universidad de Puerto Rico where he earned a Master's degree in Social Sciences in 1956 (source). He spent most of his life juggling two careers: singing and composing hit songs when he wasn't assisting impoverished people as a Social Services employee.

He died on December 29, 1980. His most popular songs to date are Y Los Chavos Donde Estan, Maldito Machete, Lo Maté por Mi Madre, Mi Hermana y Yo, and Pablito, Si Te Vas. I remember growing up to his songs, and boy was I a depressed child. This type of music would either make you laugh (with the irony) or cry your eyes out (with all of the sad tales). For sure, musica jibara kicks the "Blues" behind.

However, we did find it quite enjoyable, since they shared lots of wisdom by giving one golden advice in their lyrics.

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